A Better Way To Do Business

Simple Admit: A Better Way to Do Business

Simple Admit, LLC is a healthcare technology and service company focused on developing and fully supporting solutions that enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve collections and improve patient care at medical facilities.

It’s all too common in medical facilities for staff from clinical, billing, and registration departments to contact a patient for various reasons without knowing that other staff have also called the patient. This leads to patient frustration and a sense that staff don’t communicate. Simple Admit’s integrated services streamline communication, improve efficiency, ensure consistent messages, and prevent overlapping interactions with patients.

Our innovative patient-engagement solutions improve communication and data exchange between patients and providers using a unique technology framework driven by PCHISM – patient controlled health information. The technology platform enables us to communicate with the patient before, during, and after a visit via a web-based system where patients can access, enter, edit, and manage their own health and payment information. This saves the medical facility hundreds of hours in staff phone time per month. For patients who prefer the phone to a computer, they can speak with our top-rated Patient Support Specialists in our Patient Engagement Call Center during extended hours seven days a week. Together, the call center and online platform are the perfect strategy for engaging with 100 percent of patients.

No other system integrates this level of HIPAA-compliant technology, staff support, automation, security, and convenience for staff and patients. Our intent is to “attack” paper-driven, patient-centric process in healthcare and make them more streamlined and cost-effective through technology. Our goal is to use technology and our highly-trained staff to improve ease and efficiency so your staff can focus on patients not paperwork. When that happens, patients are happier and medical care improves.

At Simple Admit, we are proud of our reputation for responsiveness. We care as much about customer service as we do about creating innovative technologies. We don’t sell software and walk away. With every client, we share our industry expertise to offer consultative guidance. We work together through form customization and implementation. We continue our close interaction with your team during onsite training with our professional trainers. Plus, our Support Specialists are available to patients and staff throughout the entire process. Your success matters to us!

What Sets Us Apart

Onsite Training

Simple Admit has a staff of highly educated professional trainers who have years of healthcare experience. Our trainers work closely with staff during five weeks of training and support. We are so committed to this process that the facility staff are given the trainer’s personal cell phone number to call whenever questions arise!

Simple Assist

This innovative service tackles the challenge of patients who cannot or will not use a computer. Patients can call our Patient Engagement Call Center to complete a pre-op screening. Our specialists will also make outgoing calls to patients to ensure screenings are complete prior to the day of service. When Simple Assist is combined with Simple Admit online screening, our goal is to achieve 100 percent patient compliance for pre-op screenings.

Patient Engagement Center

Many patients need support during business hours when staff are busy or after hours when medical offices are closed. Our HIPAA-compliant call center works as an extension of your staff. Our specialists are available during extended hours seven days a week for patient convenience. We are expert at working with patients of all ages in a respectful and caring manner. In a recent nationwide survey, 98 percent of patients rated our specialists 5 out of 5 stars!

Simple Pay

Our newest service in our integrated platform flips the revenue cycle upside down. Most medical facilities chase patient responsibilities after the day of service. With Simple Pay, the billing staff can simply process patient insurance data that is collected through Simple Admit. Then, with a few clicks, the staff can send patient responsibility details. Patients can then click to make a payment or setup a bill plan or financing – all before the day of service. Simple Pay will give you a competitive edge and improve patient satisfaction.

The Benefits of a Better Business Model

  • A significant reduction in the amount of phone time a nurse spends collecting a required pre-operative screening from each patient, resulting in hundreds of labor hours saved each month.
  • Resolution to the problem of inconsistent patient chart documents.
  • Improvements in the quality and thoroughness of data submitted directly by the patient.
  • Elimination of inconsistent, illegible, paperwork.
  • Improvements in the timeliness of communication between the provider and patient resulting in better medical care and a reduction in O.R. cancellations.
  • Reduction in the number of patients who arrive unprepared for their procedure because we send emails and text messages.
  • Patients and staff can get immediate answers to their questions through Customer Support seven days a week.
  • Shorter check-in time at the registration desk on the day of service, saving staff labor hours and improving patient satisfaction.
  • A significant reduction in billing staff phone time when information about patient responsibilities can be easily processed and communicated.
  • Dramatic improvements in patient collections and the timing of the revenue cycle when patients are presented with an option to pay online prior to the day of service.
  • Customized surveys can be sent with a few clicks, and all response data is available in real time, saving mailing and processing costs.
  • Simple Admit can be interfaced with practice management and EHR systems to enable process efficiencies across the spectrum of care for an even more substantial ROI.
  • Overall improvements to patient care, satisfaction, and convenience.

Client Management

At first glance, you might think of us as a technology company. We like to think of ourselves as a service company that just happens to make great technology. For us, customer service is the cornerstone of our business.  Our Client Management Team ensures your interactions with us surpass expectations. Whatever the request – whether it be new development, a technology question, or a consultation about workflow efficiencies – our managers have the experience to get things done skillfully and expeditiously. As a company, we are proud of our reputation for exemplary customer service. In fact, many of our clients tell us that we are as committed to their success as they are. We can’t imagine doing business any other way.

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