Technology That’s Personal

Simple Admit was born out of a need to alleviate one of the biggest pain points that outpatient surgical centers all over the country struggle with, which is connecting with patients to get a thorough health screening prior to their procedure.

Engaging Patients in their Healthcare Improves Outcomes

Currently, when a patient gets scheduled to have surgery at an outpatient facility, CMS requires that a thorough health screening be done for that patient prior to their procedure. Therefore, someone from the facility (most of the time an RN) has to call that patient and do a pre-operative phone screening to get information such as medications and surgical history.

Professional Training Makes the Difference Between Confusion and Clarity

Software implementations can be stressful and disruptive. Medical staff don’t have the time nor the inclination to learn new technologies while caring for patients. Sometimes, the backlash is that a facility will forego training and try to learn the system on their own.