HST Pathways Announces Merger with Clariti Health for Enhanced Patient Price Transparency Resources as Part of its End-to-End Premium Technology Solution

The merger combines HST Pathways’ best in class revenue cycle management tool with premium solutions to address ASC patient, provider, and administrative needs

NASHVILLE, TN, June 15, 2021  —

HST Pathways announced this morning its merger with healthcare price transparency leader, Clariti Health. The integration of Clariti Health with HST Pathways will empower ambulatory surgery center (ASC) clients nationwide to provide the most accurate patient estimates in the industry.

HST Pathways has more than 15 years of experience in cloud-based ASC software development. This merger falls on the heels of HST Pathways’ launch of “HST One,” and “HST One+” a premier membership-based SaaS platform that encompasses the full life cycle of a surgical case, including the physician office, surgery center, and pre- and post-surgery patient experience. For more than a decade, Simple Admit has crafted industry-leading software solutions that connect patients with Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) staff through user-friendly online services that improve efficiencies, communication, and cost savings from pre-admissions through post-op care.

“Simple Admit has enjoyed a great relationship with HST Pathways for several years since we first began aligning with the company on our client offerings,” said Dan Coholan, CEO of Simple Admit. “We are confident our combined solutions will have a transformative effect on revenue cycle management, the patient experience, and case volume. Together, the products and services of our companies provide a best-in-class wraparound approach to outpatient surgery that is unparalleled in the market.”

Multiple Simple Admit solutions will be included with the HST Pathways offerings, providing clients with an all-encompassing suite of patient-relationship management services, including an industry-leading online pre-op admission service; an embedded way for patients to review and pay their financial responsibility prior to their surgery date; and a full-service patient registration process conducted by Simple Admit’s top-rated Patient Engagement Center.

“Today’s patients are increasingly expecting a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate process related to their procedure, and that experience impacts their overall quality assessment of their outpatient surgery,” said CEO & Founder of HST Pathways, Tom Hui. “The patient experience at an ASC is a big differentiator to other surgical settings. Enhancing HST Pathways’ patient engagement features through the addition of Simple Admit’s solutions will make it easy for ASCs to improve their patient experience without straining their financial resources or clinical staff.”

The addition of Simple Admit is the latest in HST Pathways’ rapid growth over the past year, building upon the November 2020 growth investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Nexxus Holdings, merger with industry partner Casetabs, and second consecutive recognition on the Inc. 5000 list.

“Enhancing patient engagement and experience is paramount to HST Pathways’ goal of building the premier, all-encompassing software solution for the ASC industry

HST Pathways is a leader in ASC cloud-based technology with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Clariti Health has long provided clear and timely information for patients relating to their insurance benefits, payment responsibility, and payment options to enhance the overall patient experience. The merger will offer enhancements in patient price transparency for HST Pathways’ end-to-end solution suite and encompasses the complete life cycle of a surgical case, including the physician office, surgery center, and pre- and post-surgery patient experience.

“With the help of our many supportive clients, as well as our long-term technology partners at HST Pathways, we built a powerful insurance verification and cost estimation platform, and support a large client community committed to cost transparency,” said Scott Palmer, Founder and CEO of Clariti Health. “Our mission of providing the best pre-services financial platform for surgeons, surgery centers, hospitals, and anesthesia providers remains as strong as ever. The combined organization gives us the resources and expanded technology we need to continue our journey, while providing our clients with access to additional best-in-class revenue cycle, clinical, physician and patient engagement technology.”

Clariti Health solutions are already used by many existing HST Pathways clients, including features such as payer contract management, patient billing estimates, and patient billing communication. The merger will integrate the product into one platform streamlining the user experience for ASCs, though Clariti Health users will still have access to the platform as a standalone.

“Clariti Health has achieved widespread recognition in the ASC industry for its customer service, reliability, and mission-driven dedication to improving the patient experience,” said CEO & Founder of HST Pathways, Tom Hui. “As a premium brand in the ASC market, HST Pathways is highly selective in adding partners with a long history of success in the industry that can support the ASC industry as it reaches new heights. Clariti Health is a prime example of ASC solutions that are trusted and respected in the industry, and their integration into HST Pathways’ line of services will be an invaluable addition for both current and future clients.”

Clariti Health is the latest in a series of acquisitions by HST Pathways to integrate the best end-to-end ASC software solutions seamlessly under one platform. This growth includes the November 2020 growth investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Nexxus Holdings merger with industry partner Casetabs, as well as the addition of Simple Admit to HST Pathways in May 2021.

“The acquisition of Clariti reinforces HST Pathways’ mission to help ASCs leverage technology to deliver high-quality patient outcomes and an improved experience,” said Darren Abrahamson, a Managing Director of Bain Capital Tech Opportunities. “HST Pathways continues to demonstrate their industry leadership by bringing together innovative and complementary software platforms to advance their ‘HST One’ solution.”

About HST Pathways. HST Pathways, a Bain Capital Company, is the leading provider of a suite of products under the “HST One” membership offering, including practice management software, physician office scheduling, care coordination, revenue cycle optimization, enterprise supply chain management, case costing, patient engagement and communication, an electronic health record system, and data analytics. See why more than 1,300 clients are choosing HST Pathways by visiting www.hstpathways.com.

About Clariti. Clariti helps ASCs, hospitals, surgeons and anesthesiologists excel in the new reimbursement environment by offering a patient cost estimator and quote generator that improves cash flow, provides price transparency, improves patient loyalty, saves business office staff time, and ensures compliance in states with fair billing laws. Learn why innovative and high-performing companies count on Clariti. Learn more at http://www.clariti-health.com.

About Bain Capital Tech Opportunities. Bain Capital Tech Opportunities (www.baincapitaltechopportunities.com) aims to help growing technology companies reach their full potential. We focus on companies in large, growing end markets with innovative or disruptive technology where we believe we can support transformational growth. Our dedicated, tenured team has deep experience supporting growing technology businesses—bringing together differentiated backgrounds in private and public equity investing, as well as technology operating roles. We invest behind fundamental long-term tailwinds as technology penetrates across industries, creating a large and growing number of investment opportunities. Bain Capital Tech Opportunities focuses on five priority sub-verticals: Application Software, Infrastructure & Security, Fintech & Payments, Healthcare IT and Internet & Digital Media.


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