Professional Training Makes the Difference Between Confusion and Clarity

Simple Admit: Professional Training Makes the Difference Between Confusion and ClarityBy Aditi Shah and Julie Porter
Simple Admit Technology Trainers

Software implementations can be stressful and disruptive. Medical staff don’t have the time nor the inclination to learn new technologies while caring for patients. Sometimes, the backlash is that a facility will forego training and try to learn the system on their own. The end result is haphazard self-training that can often leave staff frustrated rather than confident in the new system.

When purchasing new software, do not forego professional training to save money. The investment you make in training will ensure that your staff maximize their knowledge and use of the new system. During the training process, your staff get to work with professional experts that can fully demonstrate all of the features of the software and its benefits. As a result, your staff will have a more positive experience and take the most advantage of everything the system has to offer from the beginning. It’s always recommended that you work with your software company to find out what training resources are available and determine what type of training will best meet your needs.

The training team at Simple Admit facilitates one-on-one trainings at your center to provide all of the tools and resources necessary for your staff to be successful using Simple Admit as part of their pre-op screening and business operations process. The training team understands that each medical facility runs differently. Prior to training, we work closely with you and our Implementation team to understand your processes in order to provide customized training to meet your needs. Our trainers use effective communication and teaching methods to ensure that all staff at your facility learn the Simple Admit software to mastery. Our trainers build close relationships with your staff to ensure that they feel comfortable speaking up and asking questions during class. In the first 30 days of using Simple Admit, the training team provides assistance by reviewing system activity and providing recommendations along the way to improve usability. An effective training team plays a key role in change management and ensures that the transition goes smoothly.  Your software company should understand and take into account your facility’s current process so they can customize training to not only teach everyone how to use their system, but also help integrate it into your daily process in a way that best meets your needs.  At Simple Admit, we believe that the full potential of our software cannot be unlocked until all staff using it are onboard with the process. When this happens, your center will be able to fully utilize our system capabilities to make your facility’s workflow processes more efficient, so that more time and resources can be spent on what matters the most, PATIENTS!