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Live-Person Patient Support

Simple Admit offers extended hours of support with our Patient Care Specialists. We are there when patients need help during business hours and beyond, reducing phone calls and staff interruptions for you.  Our in-house Patient Care Specialists are HIPAA compliant and trained to address patient questions pertaining to passwords, instructions, facility contact information, and general patient queries when needed. For more technical questions regarding browser issues and form assistance, our team of System Specialists is available to offer a more comprehensive level of support. No matter why patients call or when, we are happy to answer their questions, help them navigate the pre-visit process, or just offer a friendly voice to talk to. Our dedication to making sure your patients have a successful experience is why 98% of patients nationwide rated us 5 out of 5 stars for customer support. And, the other 2% who gave us 4 out of 5 stars, well, we’re working pretty hard to do even better.


Colleen Ramirez

Administrator, ASC of Novi

Kim Ward, CRNA

Chief Anesthetist, Gastro One



OSC Dallas

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