Simple Surveys

Option 1: OAS CAHPS Survey Sync

Through our innovative platform, required patient data is securely collected from multiple systems and automatically transferred from Simple Admit to your certified OAS CAHPS vendor for processing, which means ASC staff do not have to spend time collecting or uploading any patient information. This streamlined, HIPAA-compliant process is the most cost effective and efficient available, which saves you time and money. We will walk you through the necessary survey steps and manage the process for you. It’s as simple as signing up then waiting for the results. Survey Sync takes all the stress out of OAS CAHPS compliance so you can focus on medical care.

Option 2: Electronic Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Simple Admit offers an integrated, electronic survey that can be fully customized and sent to all patients. Why struggle with the cost and time it takes to mail paper surveys when you can send electronic surveys to any patients in less than five minutes? Simple Surveys is fully integrated within the Simple Admit environment so patient data is seamlessly transferred to your survey platform automatically. You can send out surveys to a single patient or a group of patients with the click of a button. Patient responses are available in real-time. You can review feedback as soon as patients submit it. Administrators can receive alerts from patients who might have responded negatively to a question to allow you an opportunity for immediate service recovery. You can also access and download patient data and responses anytime.

Simple Surveys

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