Simply Smart Suite of Solutions

Simple Admit offers medical facilities a customized suite of online services that improve efficiencies and cost savings from pre-admissions through post-op care. We provide best-of-breed patient engagement solutions to streamline your current workflows. If you are stumbling through piles of pre-admission paperwork or patient satisfaction surveys, we can help you transition from paper to electronic.

If your nurses are struggling with hours of pre-op phone calls to patients, we can make the calls for you or patients can submit their data online. If you are buried under insurance claims, or behind on collecting patient payments, we can make those jobs easier and faster. No matter how you do business today, we have several integrated solutions that can improve workflows for a proven return on investment within 60 days.

Simple Admit’s commitment to our clients’ success is the reason why we have earned the highest online patient participation average nationwide at 71 percent and a five-star rating in customer service from 98% of our clients’ patients. Shouldn’t you be doing business with a company who cares about your patients as much as you do?