Technology That’s Personal

Simple Admit: Technology That’s PersonalSimple Admit was born out of a need to alleviate one of the biggest pain points that outpatient surgical centers all over the country struggle with, which is connecting with patients to get a thorough health screening prior to their procedure. As we worked to develop a platform of products to help solve this problem and others along the continuum of care, a priority was, and still is, to ensure that any patient or staff person we come in contact with is given outstanding customer service.

When we partner with a surgical center, Simple Admit also becomes an extension of the patient’s care team at the surgical center. In that way, we understand that what we do reflects on our partner, so we take that very seriously. It is important to our partners that their patients have a positive experience, and that starts with us. This is why from day one we have been dedicated to ensuring that customer service is a priority for every employee of our company, and not just those on the front lines. As a result, this has made us successful and differentiates us in the market.

Any time our clients interact with someone from our organization, they appreciate our commitment to their success. There are times when we cannot do what a client asks or times when we make blunders, too, but we always try to make it right and look out for the best interest of our clients. We’ve learned that the willingness and intent to do the right thing is most important when the right thing just doesn’t happen.

We are so committed to customer service, we think of ourselves as a service company that happens to make great technology. That’s why, we recently changed our company tag line to “Technology That’s Personal.”

The industry has responded. In a recent nationwide survey, our Patient Engagement Specialists in our call center were given 5 out of 5 stars by 98% of patients. Multiple times our employees have received flowers sent from appreciative clients who wanted to recognize outstanding service. Below are testimonials from some of the surgical centers that have partnered with us:

“A lot of times you’ll run into companies that just give you their product and tell you to call them if you have problems. Simple Admit isn’t like that. They’re very customer-service oriented.”

“Client Support with Simple Admit has been stellar from the start!!! A fantastic experience!! Even with the challenges of converting to a new program, developing new forms and training staff on a new system…every team member from Simple Admit has been extremely responsive to help us be successful! Everyone at Simple Admit was always very quick to respond to our questions and process changes that we needed in our forms. I am so very happy we made the switch to Simple Admit and am encouraged to see growth occur with this company in the short time we have been a customer. Thank you for investing in us and for making our facility feel like we are your only client!”

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