Simple Admit: Testimonials

Mary McAdoo, Administrator

Eastern Massachusetts Surgery Center

“Using Simple Admit has improved the accuracy of patient information, provided consistency in documentation by using the same format for each patient, and improved our ability to document latex allergy questions and DVT assessment consistently. I would rate Simple Admit’s products 5 out of 5. We love the form that we use. I would rate client support 5 out of 5. No improvements needed. Issues and requests are responded to efficiently.”

Eileen Beltramba, Administrator

Eye Surgery and Laser Center

“What do your nurses say about using Simple Admit Pre-Op Screening? “Don’t ever go back to the paper process!” Since we began using Simple Admit, we have been able to increase our case volume. Our anesthesia providers like the detailed history and that the medications are more accurate with Simple Admit. We gain awareness of potential issues before the day of service. We also have increased documentation compliance for reporting. Before Simple Admit, we had missing or inaccurate pre-op information and longer admissions times.”

Deneas Cochran, Administrator

Children’s West Surgery Center

“Before we started using Simple Admit, we struggled with extended phone time by multiple nurses, incomplete pre-op information and difficulty reaching patients during surgery center hours. We also spent up to 30-45 minutes on the phone with patients. After implementing Simple Admit, 85% of our patients complete an online screening and our phone time went down to 10-15 minutes per call. We are now able to reassign staff from preadmission duties back to patient care and have probably saved the addition of extra PRN staff as our case numbers have increased. It takes fewer nurses now to manage the preadmission workflow than previously and we are doing more cases. The ability to get detailed information in advance has prevented day-of-surgery cancellations and the frantic last-minute rush to research a potential health history concern. My staff are happier. They say they would “never want to go back to making all those phone calls ever again”. Client Support with Simple Admit has been stellar from the start!!! A fantastic experience!! Even with the challenges of converting to a new program, developing new forms, & training staff on a new system…every team member from Simple Admit has been extremely responsive to help us be successful! I am so very happy we made the switch to Simple Admit. Thank you for investing in us and for making our facility feel like we are your only client!”

Raymond Hino, Administrator & CEO

Skyway ASC

“I have been very happy with the implementation of the Simple Admit system at our facility.”

Greg D., Administrator

Boston Outpatient Surgical

“Simple Admit absolutely increases our efficiency within our facility. In fact, we could not live without it, that’s for sure. The consistency of our pre-operative forms and information allows for our surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses to “pre-op” their patients in just minutes. Having our patients answer compliance questions assists us with our accreditation requirements and overall compliance. The consistency and legibility of information captured has allowed us to run a high-quality facility with almost zero complications and cancellations. We run our entire pre-op “department” with only one LPN, and she also assists in pre-op/PACU with her “extra” available time. The system is very easy to use, and is customizable, which has helped us out with constant changes and updates.”

Kerri Ubaldi, RN, MBA, CPHRM, Vice President of Operations

Merritt Healthcare

“Our surgery centers are seeing between about 70-90% compliance with our patients using Simple Admit, so we’re only having to call 10-30% of our patients rather than 100% of them. Overall, Simple Admit has been very accommodating to our needs, and integrates with our EMR system.”

Stephanie Martin, BSN, RN, CNOR, CASC – Former Sr. Director Operations

St. Augustine Surgery Center

“Simple Admit has saved us a significant amount of money in staff salary, probably half of a nurse FTE. That’s probably a good $15,000-$20,000 a year that we do not have to spend to contact patients.”

Rita M., Clinical Director

Hershey Outpatient Surgery Center

“I would like to let you know that having your trainer on site was a great experience! She interacted with the staff, allowing them to be open to changing the process and utilizing Simple Admit in a way which was outside of their current manner. While your trainer was working on the goals set prior to the visit, she also assisted staff in understanding the functionality of Simple Admit and how it could be utilized more efficiently. Your trainer presented a positive and professional image of the company. She is truly an asset.”

Diane Henthorn R.N., B.S.N., Center Director

Parkway Endoscopy Center

“I am happy with Simple Admit. It has definitely helped us identify potential anesthesia issues. With the information, we have correctly identified the patients that need an anesthesiologist to give their sedation. We have also identified one patient who was not a candidate for a procedure at our facility due to his BMI. This has helped us better care for the patients and prevents possible same-day delays while we move patients around to facilitate an unknown anesthesia case vs moderate sedation case.”

Colleen Ramirez, Administrator

ASC of Novi

“We are using Simple Admit and we totally love it! They have the best customer service and the system is so easy to use for patients.”

Kim Ward, CRNA, Chief Anesthetist

Gastro One

“A patient called me today to let me know [what she thought about using Simple Admit.] She remembered more medicines that she had been prescribed and was glad she was at home to retrieve them. Your rep spent about an hour on the phone with her. In addition, she remarked that she understood why these questions were so important… Thank you! You guys are doing a fabulous job!!!”