Simple Admit and Precision Medical Products Form Strategic Partnership For DVT Inventory Management Solution

April 10, 2018 – Baldwinsville, NY — Simple Admit, LLC, announced today that is has formed a strategic partnership with Precision Medical Products to launch a web‐based system for automating DVT inventory management at medical facilities nationwide. The unique technology eliminates laborious paper‐driven processes while improving patient safety and reducing costs.

“Our mission at Simple Admit is to create patient engagement technologies that attack paper processes,” said Dan Coholan, president of Simple Admit. “We are committed to driving change in the healthcare industry and always looking for ways to improve workflow efficiencies. Working with Precision Medical was exactly that kind of exciting opportunity.”

Most medical facilities struggle with managing the paperwork necessary to complete a DVT screening and insurance claim to order DVT supplies for each patient. Often, vendors are required to help the medical facility manage multiple paper forms and insurance processing. It’s time consuming, tedious, frustrating, and costly.

That entire process is eliminated with the new system, called Precision Express, which uses patient‐generated health information that is submitted before the day of service. Upon arrival, all patient data is electronically processed, signed, and distributed to all stakeholders. This automated workflow significantly reduces nurse and staff labor hours and expedites insurance processing. In addition, all paper forms are eliminated, which saves printing costs. Most importantly, the automated process improves patient safety and reduces re-admissions. Eliminating paperwork expedites the process and significantly reduces errors, which ensures that the focus is on patient care during and after a procedure.

“We are passionate about offering best-in‐class solutions to our clients,” said Marc Reynolds, president of Precision Medical Products. “By combining our expertise in DVT safety and engineering with Simple Admit’s innovative technologies, together we’ve created a solution that will revolutionize how DVT inventories are managed.”

Precision Medical Products is a leading nationwide supplier of DVT preventative surgical sleeves and medical equipment. The company’s headquarters are in California, with coverage in over 18 states. PMP has an industry reputation for excellent customer service and product expertise, which has propelled the company to capture a significant market share. PMP’s mission is to proactively impact the patient experience by helping patients recover faster and with less pain.

Simple Admit creates technology that enhances the patient experience across the continuum of care. The company’s unique focus is helping medical facilities do business better with software and services that streamline patient admissions, bill payment, surveys, and patient-provider communications. The technology makes it easy to engage patients in the healthcare process and enable them to control their health information. No other system integrates the same level of HIPAA-compliant technology, automation, security, and convenience for medical staff and patients.

Simple Admit, LLC is a healthcare technologies company in Upstate New York focused on developing and fully supporting customized systems that enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve patient care at medical facilities. For more information, contact Tricia Corey at or (508) 737-1575.